Tourist Extra Hints


Stop 1:

Orange and blue shapes
A red and yellow eye on a green background

I have 300 lounge chairs.
There is a frog named Splash who lives here.

Stop 2:a rounded brick structure

Broken bricks

You can see me from far away.

Most people notice my big white words, but I also have the letters "WCMCo" on me.

Stop 3:

An arching window with brick

3 metal boxes in a row

I opened in this building in 1997.

I have a lot of stories to share.

Stop 4:

a close up photo of a paintinga whimsical painted figure with an ice cream cone noseI have a beautiful pictures on my wall that was painted by National Art Honor Society students from Grayslake Central.

Lots of people come here for my special flavor of the month.

Stop 5:
Curved concrete I opened in 1999 and I'm named after Daniel Barry.
I have 12-18 foot wide ramps.

Stop 6:

Red vehicle

Black bootsWhen my noisy trucks drive down the street, people have to get out of the way.I'm called #1, because there are 2 others in Grayslake.

Stop 1:

Shapes on a red background

ROOT BEER in red lettersI opened in Grayslake in 1964.My parent company was once called Frostie Enterprises.
I have a dog named Rover.

Stop 2:

a symbol on a churchclose up photo of metal
Two churches merged in the 1950s to create me.
There is a bulletin board in my yard where people leave messages.

Stop 3:
I'm a popular spot in the winter!
My park's name was chosen via an online vote.

Stop 4:
A curved structure

I'm only a few years old, but I'm proud to welcome people to downtown Grayslake.

My park's official name is Village Center Commons.

I watch a lot of trains go by.

Stop 5:
a painted window with a catMy building says "Times" on the front because I used to be home of the Grayslake Times.
To see the window and cat painted on me, you would have to stand at the former site of Grayslake's bowling alley. This area is now a parking lot.

Stop 6:
bricks and an opening

a vent or chimneyWhere I'm located was once the Merchants and Farmers Bank building.

I watch lots of kids play with hula hoops in the summer.

Stop 7:
Wooden slatsbroken bricksI'm outside.I like listening to the music played beneath me.