Health Information: COVID-19

Covid-19 Information

The Secretary of State’s Office is encouraging Illinois residents to use to use their online services. Some of the services provided online are:

• renewing a vehicle registration
• applying for a vehicle title and registration
• obtaining a duplicate driver’s license or ID card
• obtaining a driving record abstract
• renewing a standard driver’s license with the Safe Driver Renewal program.

For a list of key State of Illinois resources regarding COVID-19, please click Here

The State has asked recently retired healthcare workers to return to work.  Fees will be waived and licensure expedited.  Any interested healthcare works can visit The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation website for more information.

The State of Illinois is looking for volunteers to help during this time.  Interested volunteers can visit the Serve Illinois website for more information.

Everyday Preventative Actions *Please note that these recommendations are for influenza, but still apply to COVID-19.

Information on how to stop the spread of germs can be found in the image below.

For more information, please visit the Lake County Health Department website at

For more information about Insurance Coverage and the COVID-19 Coronavirus, please see the Illinois Department of Insurance FAQs.