FY 15/16

Harbor City SupplyAquatic Center: Bathroom Partition Supplies (PDF)Aquatic Center
Mars Cleaning ServiceAquatic Center: Cleaning Services (PDF)Aquatic Center
Shogren Fence Inc.Aquatic Center: Fence Repairs (PDF)Aquatic Center
Chicago Metropolitan Fire Prevention Co.Aquatic Center: Fire Alarm System Repair (PDF)Aquatic Center
Becmar Sprinkler Systems, Inc.Aquatic Center: Irrigation System Activation/Winterization (PDF)Aquatic Center
All Inclusive RecAquatic Center: Permenant Shade Structure (PDF)Aquatic Center
Gil PlumbingAquatic Center: Plumbing Repairs (PDF)Aquatic Center
HalogenAquatic Center: Pool Chemicals (PDF)Aquatic Center
Giant Maintenance & RestorationAquatic Center: Power Wash (PDF)Aquatic Center
SJB CarpentryAquatic Center: Shade Structure, Bathroom Partition, & Turnstile Removal (PDF)Aquatic Center
Mark Meade Excavators, Inc.Aquatic Center: Shoveling Pump Room Pit & Jetting Pump Room Pipe to Lift Station (PDF)Aquatic Center
Platinum-Poolcare AquatechAquatic Center: Summerize/Winterize Pool/Repairs (PDF)Aquatic Center
Illinois Plumbing and Mechanical Co.Aquatic Center: Bathhouse Summerization/Winterization (PDF)Aquatic Center
Local Roofing Co., Inc.Aquatic Center: Roof Repairs (PDF)Aquatic Center
echogravity, Inc.Aquatic Center: Marketing Services (PDF)Aquatic Center
Zoeller Pump Co.Heritage Center Sump Pump and Backup Battery Elevator Pump (PDF)Building
Hayes MechanicalHeating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Renewal (PDF)Building
Climatemp Service GroupYouth Center Furnances & AC Units Replacement (PDF)Building
Eder, Casella & Co.Accounting Services: Pre-Audit Services (PDF)Finance
BKD CPAs & AdvisorsAudit Basic Financial Statements (PDF)Finance
FirstMerit BankCredit Card Processing (PDF)Finance
BB&TElectronic Lockbox Services Agreement (PDF)Finance
Key Benefit AdministratorsFlexible Benefits Plan Administrative Services Agreement (PDF)Finance
Chicago Metropolitan Fire Prevention Co.Fire Alarm System Monitoring Services (PDF)Management Services
BlackboardBlackboard Connect - Community Notification System (PDF)Management Services
Groot Industries, Inc.Commercial Waste Hauling (PDF)Management Services
Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.Engineering Consultant (PDF)Management Services
The Grayslake Area Chamber of Commerce and IndustryEDC Services (PDF)Management Services
LeadingITInformation Tchnology Consultants and Helpdesk Support (PDF)Management Services
Mars Cleaning ServiceMetra Stations Cleaning Services (PDF)Management Services
Record-A-Hit EntertainmentOpen House Ballonist (PDF)Management Services
SitesUSAREGIS Online (PDF)Management Services
The Carpet CornerVillage Hall Front Vestibule Tile & Pedimat Replacement (PDF)Management Services
Expedia Construction CorporationVillage Hall Covered Employee Entrance and Main Entrance Rook Ventilation (PDF)Management Services
Pete's Precision PaintingVillage Hall Misc. Interior Painting (PDF)Management Services
Magic Dreams ProductionsVideotaping - Village Board Meetings (PDF)Management Services
DeSanto Construction, Inc.Village Hall Door Replacement (PDF)Management Services
SJB CarpentryVillage Hall Ceiling Tile ReplacementManagement Services
Dave's TransmissionPolice Fleet Maintenance (PDF)Police
C.O.P.S. & F.I.R.E. Personnel Testing ServicesPolice Testing Services (PDF)Police
COBAN Technologies, Inc.Police: Squad Cameras (PDF)Police
Braniff Communications, Inc.Warning Siren Maintenance (PDF)Police
Barlett Tree ExpertsAtkinson Road Tree Care (PDF)Public Works
B&B Coatings Co.Bike Path & Parking Lot Maintenance (PDF)Public Works
Morton Salt Co.Bulk De-Icing Salt Purchase & Delivery (PDF)Public Works
CorrproCathodic Protection (PDF)Public Works
Jac MasonryConstruction: Seymour Avenue Decorative Piers (PDF)Public Works
Custom Built Commercial FenceConstruction: Seymour Avenue Streetscape Arbor (PDF)Public Works
Mondi Contruction, Inc.Construction: Sidewalk/Curb Replacement (PDF)Public Works
Patriot Pavement Maintenance, Inc.Crack Sealing (Joint Bid) (PDF)Public Works
Dynergy Energy ServicesElectic Services Agreement (PDF)Public Works
Baxter & WoodmanEngineering Services Various Departments (PDF)Public Works
Anderson Pest SolutionsFacilities Pest Control (PDF)Public Works
Temple Display Ltd.Holiday Lights (PDF)Public Works
Landscape ConceptsLandscape Maintenance (PDF)Public Works
Superior Road Striping, Inc.Pavement Marking (PDF)Public Works
Chicagoland Paving Contractors, Inc.Pavement Patching (PDF)Public Works
Wright AutomotivePublic Work Truck Purchase (PDF)Public Works
2 Code PlumbingPublic Works Shop Plumbing Installation & Repairs (PDF)Public Works
Landscape ConceptsRegional Trails Renovations (Prairie Crossing) (PDF)Public Works
Peter Baker & Son CompanyRoad Resurfacing Program (PDF)Public Works
American Ramp CompanySkate Park Equipment Replacement (PDF)Public Works
Trinity River Construction, LLCStamped Concrete Reseal Program (PDF)Public Works
TKG Environmental Services GroupStreet Sweeping (PDF)Public Works
Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.Traffic Data Collection - Various Neighborhood Streets (PDF)Public Works
Sonday ServicesTree Maintenance (PDF)Public Works
Arthur Weiler, Inc.Tree Removal/Planting (PDF)Public Works
Warren Township Highway DepartmentSnow and Ice Control Services (PDF)Public Works
Avon Township Highway DepartmentSnow and Ice Control Services (PDF)Public Works
Landscape Concepts ManagementSnow and Ice Control Services (PDF)Public Works
TGF Enterprises, Inc.Snow and Ice Control Services (PDF)Public Works
William McNeilSnow and Ice Control Services (PDF)Public Works
ART Fleet ServicesSnow and Ice Control Services (PDF)Public Works
Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.Engineering Services Project Number 4990.400 (PDF)Public Works
Leader Manufacturing, Inc.Picnic Table Purchase (PDF)Public Works
McHenry Analytical Laboratory, Inc.Water Testing Sampling Services (PDF)Public Works
Dave's TransmissionPublic Works Fleet Maintenance (PDF)Public Works
Contractors Electric Service, Inc.Street Light Maintenance (PDF)Public Works
Contractors Electric Service, Inc.Downtown GFI Receptacles (PDF)Public Works
Geary Electric, Inc.Street Light Maintenance (PDF)Public Works
M.E. SimpsonMiscellaneous Leak Detection Services (PDF)Public Works
Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.Engineering Services Project Number 4990.003 (PDF)Public Works
Baxter & WoodmanEngineering Services Job Number 151004.40 (PDF)Public Works
Ernie Peterson Plumbing, Inc.Emergency Plumbing Services (PDF)Public Works
Baxter & WoodmanEngineering Services Job Number 151078.60 (PDF)Public Works
Mark MeadeEmergency Water Main Break Repairs (PDF)Public Works
American Vactor, Inc.Lift Station Cleaning Services (PDF)Public Works
Bartlett Tree ExpertsMisc. Tree Maintenance (PDF)Public Works
M.E. SimpsonLeak Detection Services (PDF)Public Works
Berger Excavating Contractors, Inc.Emergency Water Main Break Repairs (PDF)Public Works
HDREngineering Services (PDF)Public Works
Baxter & WoodmanEngineering Services Job Number 150671.60 (PDF)Public Works
McCrometerMag Meter Replacement (PDF)Public Works