Commercial Franchise Garbage & Recycling Rates

Commercial Garbage Services

Container Size As of 02/01/20191 per Week2 per Week3 per Week4 per Week5 per Week6 per week7 per Week
65 gallon cart$30.30$37.88$43.30$48.72$54.12$59.53n/a
95 gallon cart$30.30$37.88$43.30$48.72$54.12$59.53n/a
1 cubic yard$41.14$76.86$86.59$94.17$101.76$109.32n/a
1 cy compacted$41.14$76.86$86.59$94.17$101.76$109.32n/a
1.5 cubic yards$42.76$81.18$92.00$100.67$109.32$117.98n/a
1.5 cy compacted$42.76$81.18$92.00$100.67$109.32$117.98n/a
2 cubic yards$44.38$86.59$128.82$171.02$181.86$192.67n/a
2 cy compacted$67.11$129.90$184.02$238.14$292.26$346.38n/a
4 cubic yards$67.11$129.90$184.02$238.14$292.26$346.38n/a
6 cubic yards$102.84$198.08$284.68$371.28$398.34$425.40n/a
6 cy compacted$156.96$308.49$465.45$584.52$703.59$822.64n/a
8 cubic yards$108.24$135.30$254.37$378.85$497.91$595.33n/a
10 cubic yards$156.96$308.49$465.45$584.52$703.59$822.64n/a


Roll OffCost per HaulCost per Additional Ton
20 Yard roll off$270.61 per haul$53.04/ton
30 Yard roll off$270.61 per haul$53.04/ton
40 Yard roll offN/AN/A


Compactor TypeCollection OnlyLeased Service
20 Yard compaction equipment$200.25 per haul + $53.04/ton$270.61 per month
25 Yard compaction equipment  $200.25 per haul + $53.04/ton
$270.61 per month
30 Yard compaction equipment $200.25 per haul + $53.04/ton$270.61 per month
40 yard receiver box$173.19 per haul + $53.04/tonN/A
2 yard stationary compactor (rental only)$162.36 per monthN/A
6 yard compactor (rental only)$162.36 per monthN/A

Commercial Recycling Services

*Up to 1.5 yard container with recycling service once a week is FREE*

Container Size as of 02/01/20191 per Week2 per Week3 per Week4 per Week5 per Week6 per Week7 per Week
65 gallon cartFree$37.88$48.72$59.53$70.36$81.18n/a
96 gallon cartFree$37.88$48.72$59.53$70.36$81.18n/a
1 cubic yardFree$37.88$48.72$59.53$70.36$81.18n/a
1.5 cubic yardsFree$37.88$48.72$59.53$70.36$81.18n/a
2 cubic yards$32.47$43.30$54.12$64.94$75.78$86.59n/a
4 cubic yards$37.88$61.70$77.94$88.76$99.58$110.40n/a
6 cubic yards$47.63$80.10$111.49$122.32$133.14$143.96n/a
8 cubic yards$57.36$90.92$122.32$133.14$143.96$154.80n/a
10 cubic yards$71.44$105.00$136.38$147.21$158.04$168.86n/a

Organic (Food Scrap) Collection

Container SizePricing
65 gallon cart (1 per week)  $44.38/month 

Landscape Waste

Container Size
95 gallon cart
$30.00 landscape only per pull
$60 per month
1 cubic yard
$30.00 landscape only per pull
$60 per month
1.5 cubic yards
$30.00 landscape only per pull
$60 per month