Police Patch

Police Grayslake

The navy blue background with gold border represents the police profession.

The silver star and lettering represent the spirit of service with honor.

The concentric circles represent unending duty and commitment, and are Ram Green and Knight Gold to represent our partnership with the Grayslake Central and Grayslake North High Schools.

The black crosshairs represent crossroads and our location as the geographic center of Lake County, and divide the character of our community into quadrants representing EDUCATION, HISTORY, PARTNERSHIPS, and RECREATION.

EDUCATION. The gold torch on red background represents the light of knowledge, signifying the police department's commitment to education and training, and acknowledging the high quality of the local educational institutions in the Village of Grayslake, including the College of Lake County, the University of Illinois extension campus, the Grayslake Community High School, the Community Consolidated School Districts Number 46 and Number 50, Saint Gilbert's Catholic School, the Charter School at Prairie Crossing, and others.

HISTORY. The depiction of the old Grayslake Village Hall, now housing the Grayslake Historical Society, represents the founding of the Village in 1895 and causes us to remember the fine traditions of those who walked before us in community service.

PARTNERSHIPS. The clasped hands signify our commitment to diversity, and represent our relationships with our residents, our business community, schools, churches, service organizations, neighboring communities, and area-wide public safety organizations.

RECREATION. Sun, water and boating represent the many lakes and ponds in the area, and the local recreational opportunities that include water sports, cycling, hiking, skiing, skating and more on the properties of the Lake County Forest Preserve District, the Grayslake Park District parks, fields, and bicycle trail system, the Village of Grayslake water park and skate park, and the Lake County Fairgrounds.