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Home Improvement Fraud Alert
Don't Be a Victim of Home Improvement Fraud
Every summer homeowners unknowingly hire unlicensed contractors that often provide poor or incomplete work. These contractors repeatedly go door-to-door and make unusual price offers to unsuspecting homeowners for work such as driveway seal coating, landscaping, roofing, chimney repair, pool repair, and other types of work. The elderly are often targeted by these types of contractors. Below are some suggested ways homeowners can protect themselves against home improvement fraud:

-    Ask the contractor to present their Village issued solicitors permit, which is required by Village ordinance.

-    If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is.

-    Only accept bids from and hire contractors that you have contacted.

-    Rely on resources such as the internet for gathering information on a company.

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Before performing home improvement projects, be sure to obtain a building permit from the Village. Contractors performing certain types of home improvement work are required to have proper State licensing which is verified through the Building Department's permitting process.