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FY 14/15
Platinum-Poolcare Aquatech Summerize/Winterize Pool/Repairs Aquatic Center
Mars Cleaning Services Aquatic Center Cleaning Aquatic Center
Giant Maintenance & Restoration, Inc. Aquatic Center Power Washing Services Aquatic Center
Vision Leap AV Aquatic Center Sound System Repair Aquatic Center
Chicago United Industries, LTD. Aquatic Center Deck Chairs Aquatic Center
Shull Plumbing, Inc. Aquatic Center Grease Trap Replacement Aquatic Center
Current Technologies Aquatic Center Server Computer Installation Aquatic Center
Vermont Systems Aquatic Center Software Installation (RecTrac) Aquatic Center
Gil Plumbing Aquatic Center Winterization/Summerization Bathhouses Aquatic Center
Jensen's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Aquatic Center Pool Heater Replacement Aquatic Center
Becmar Sprinkler Systems, Inc. Activate Irrigation System Aquatic Center
Halogen Pool Chemicals Aquatic Center
Underground Imaging Corp. Aquatic Center Leak Testing Aquatic Center
 Ernie Peterson Plumbing, Inc. Aquatic Center Sump Pump Replacement Aquatic Center
Hayes Mechanical HVAC Maintenance Building
Holian Asbestos Removal & Encapsulation Corp. 31 S. Slusser Asbestos Removal Building
Baxter & Woodman Alley Streetscape Engineering
BS&A Accounting Software Finance
Lauterbach & Amen, LLP Accounting: Preparation of Actuarial Reports Finance
Blackboard Connect Community Notification  Management Services
Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc. Mosquito Abatement Management Services
Catholic Charities Senior Center Operator Management Services
Best Quality Cleaning Cleaning Service Management Services
LeadingIT Solutions IT Consultants and Helpdesk Support Management Services
CivicPlus Phone App Development and Maintenance Management Services
Waste Management Garbage/Recycling Services Management Services
Buxton Retail Recruitment & Retention Services Management Services
VMware Vmware Support and Subscription Management Services
MorphoTrust USA Live Scan Maintenance Police
Raymound Chevrolet, Inc. Police Squad Car Purchase Police
Ryco Landscaping Landscape Maintenance Public Works
Braniff Communications, Inc. Warning Siren Maintenance Public Works
Ryco Landscaping Downtown, Route 45, Aquatic Center Fertilization Public Works
McGinty Bros, Inc. Tree Maintenance Public Works
Berger Excavating Contractors, Inc. Emergency Water Main Repairs Public Works
Corrpro Cathodic Protection (Water Tower Maintenance) Public Works
Peter Baker & Son Company Road Resurfacing Public Works
Mondi Construction, Inc. Sidewalk Program Public Works
Contractors Electric Service, Hucker Electic, and Geary Electric Street Light Maintenance Public Works
TKG Street Sweeping and Services, LLC Street Sweeping Public Works
Mark Meade Excavators, Inc. Emergency Water Main Repairs Public Works
Campanella & Sons, Inc. Emergency Water Main Repairs Public Works
Elanar Construction Nordic Park Improvements Public Works
Ernie Peterson Plumbling, Inc. Misc. Plumbing Repairs (as needed) Public Works
Utility Dynamics Corporation Village Center Utility Burial Project Public Works
J.A. Johnson Paving Company Pavement Patching Public Works
Stuckey Construction Nordic Park & Village Hall Alley Fencing Public Works
CMS/ Lake County Road Salt Public Works
The Flolo Corporation Pump & Pump Motor Removal Public Works
Patriot Pavement Maintenance Bike Path and Parking Lot Maintenance  Public Works
Bob Riding, Inc. Public Works Truck #1 Purchase Public Works
Geoscapes Landsaping, Inc. Village Center Plantings Public Works
Sign City, Corp. Concrete Monument Sign Repair Public Works
Homefield Energy Electricity Purchase Public Works
Pete's Percision Painting Washington Metra Station Interior Painting Public Works
Chicagoland Concrete & Waterproofing, Inc. Pump Station Wall Crack Repairs Public Works
A-Premier Door, Corp. Public Works Garage Door Opening System Public Works
Trinity River Construction, LLC Downtown Alley Increte Installation Public Works
Precision Painting & Power Washing Pump Station Wall/Pipe Painting Public Works
Climatemp Service Group Well #4 Furnance Installation Public Works
Trinity River Construction, LLC Increte Maintenance Public Works
Trinity River Construction, LLC Nordic Park Increte Project Public Works
Dome Corporation of North America Public Works Second Salt Dome Public Works
Mark Meade Excavators, Inc. 31 S. Slusser Demolition Public Works
Geoscapes Landsaping, Inc. Snow Shoveling Services Public Works
Fox Trucking Sink Hole Repair Public Works
Gewalt Hamilton Associates Engineering Services Public Works
DeMuth, Inc. Emergency Water Main Repairs Public Works
Avon Township Highway Department Snow and Ice Control Public Works
Warren Township Highway Department Snow and Ice Control Public Works
Various Companies Snow and Ice Control Public Works