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Cornerstone Economic Impacts
If you have any questions or seek additional information, please contact Zoning Officer Kirk Smith at (847) 223-2323 or via email at .  You may also visit the Cornerstone of Grayslake website at

Growing the Economy of Central Lake County

• Estimated:
   Ø2,915,000 sq. ft. of  light industrial/research
     and development 
   Ø676,700 sq. ft. of office 
   Ø635,000 sq. ft. of retail/commercial space in 
     lifestyle scale development

• Lake County Partners Estimates: 
   Ø9,800 jobs created in project
   Ø6,780 jobs secondary created in economy
   Ø760 construction jobs over 12 year building

• $211,450,000 estimated annual retail sales at

• $818,000,000 estimated value of building

Providing Positive Education Revenues
to Area School Districts (Gruen & Gruen Report dated February, 2009)

• Total surplus revenues during development 
    ØDistrict 79 
        Fremont Grade School: $26,700,000
  ØDistrict 120 
        Mundelein High School: $20,900,000 
     ØDistrict 127 
        Grayslake High School: $ 7,100,000

• Annual surplus revenues at end of development
    ØDistrict 79 - $4,300,000 
    ØDistrict 120 - $3,100,000
    ØDistrict 127 - $1,000,000

• Requires non residential to be built in conjunction
   with any residential

Dwelling Units - 801 Total

• 356 Attached Single Family
• 123 Detached Single Family
• 74 Age-Restricted Single Family
• 66 Condominiums
• 78 Market Rental Apartments
• 104 Age-Restricted Apartments
Sustainable Development Techniques

• Compact development with coordinated open
  space system - 120 acres

• Tree Preservation

• Use of sustainable stormwater control 
  techniques/Best Management Practices 
    ØNative Plantings 
    ØRecycling and rainwater for irrigation

• Comprehensive pathway and trail system

• Installation of bike racks

• Access to three commuter rail stations with
  planned PACE connectivity

• Reduced asphalt via shared parking concepts

Road Capacity Dollars

• Financial contributions to Peterson Road widening

• Route 83 widening per IDOT requirements

• Alleghany Road widening per the Central Range 
  Transportation Agreement

• Access improvements (turn lanes/signalization) at
  all access points

Quality Architectural Design and Landscaping Requirements

• Architectural styles consistent with and typical
  of those found within Grayslake and the Midwest

• Native and naturalized landscaping throughout

• Coordinated signage plans