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Mailbox Replacement Policy
Snow Season Mailbox Replacement Policy
Unfortunately during snow plow operations, mailboxes may be damaged either from a direct hit from a snowplow or from wet snow thrown from a snow plow. The Village has a mailbox replacement policy for both properly placed and improperly placed mailboxes within the Village right of way.

Village Ordinance 16.28.180 (Mailbox Specifications Requirements)
Village Ordinance (16.28.180) stipulates the following regarding the makeup and size of a mailbox:

  • Mailboxes shall be supported by L-shaped mail box posts, made of 4"x 4" wood posts.
  • The mailbox posts shall be 6' 4" in height, as measured from the bottom of the post to the top of the extension arm. The post shall be set in a 7" diameter hole to a depth of 2' - 6", back filled with 2 feet of concrete and covered with 6" dirt.
  • The extension arm shall be 1' 9" in length, and welded on top of and perpendicular thereto shall be two (2) 20" by 31/2" b 1/2" steel support plates, separated 11" center-to-center.
  • Bolted parallel to and on top of the 2 steel support p plates shall be two (2) 2" x 6" wood boards, 2' 8" in length. The mail boxes shall be affixed thereto.

If you questions regarding mailbox specifications in the Village Ordinance, please call the Building Department at (847) 223-2323.

If a mailbox is constructed not within the specifications listed in the Village Code, the Village will not be responsible for any damage or replacement of the mailbox as a result of snow removal operations.

Property Placed Mailboxes
Properly placed mailboxes are those which are mounted not more than 52" and not less than 48" from the ground to the top of the mailbox. More importantly, the front of the mailbox must be not less than 12" back from the curb or road shoulder.

Standard Mailboxes
  • Damage caused by plow - The Village will replace with a standard U.S. Postal mailbox
  • Damage caused by plow-thrown snow - The Village will refasten and secure the standard mailbox to its post

Altered or Custom-Made Mailboxes
  • Damage caused by plow - The Village will give the resident the option of replacing the altered or custom-made mailbox with a standard U.S. Postal mailbox or reimburse the resident up to $50 for the mailbox of their choice
  • Damage caused by plow-thrown snow - The Village will refasten the altered or custom-made mailbox. However, the Village shall not be responsible for pieces of a mailbox, other than a standard mailbox, which have fallen off or been damaged due to plow-thrown snow

Improperly Placed Mailboxes
If mailboxes are improperly placed, the Village will not be responsible for any damage to the mailbox which occurs during snow plowing operations. However, the Village will make an effort to assist residents. For more information on the location of your mailbox, please call the Village Request for Service Line at (847) 223-8515.