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Aquatic Center

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1. Do I need to be a resident of Grayslake to become an Aquatic Center Member?
2. Can I bring outside food into the Aquatic Center?
3. If I'm not going to be swimming, do I still need to pay to enter the Aquatic Center?
4. How old do you have to be to come to the facility by yourself?
5. Can I use my Aquatic Center Membership card from last season?
6. How do I obtain my Aquatic Center Membership cards after I purchase them?
7. If the Aquatic Center closes due to inclement weather, will I get my money back?
8. When is the Splash Park open?
9. How tall do you need to be to ride the water slides?
10. Can I use my spouse's Aquatic Center Membership?
11. Do I pay more for my Aquatic Center Membership if I am not a Grayslake resident?
12. Can I purchase Aquatic Center Memberships for grandparents or nannies if they do not live in my household?