Detached Garages

Call Before Digging
Contact Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE) at 800-892-0123 prior to digging.

Inspections are required for slab, rough (only if walls are covered), and final.

Concrete Slab Requirements
  • Sod and black dirt shall be stripped from the slab site
  • Slab shall have an 18-inch heavy edge as per slab section, with a minimum 14 inches below grade and a minimum of four inches above grade
  • Reinforcing of the slab is not required
  • Floor drain is prohibited
Framing Requirements
  • Wall framing may be 2 by 4 at 24 inches on center 
  • Corner posts may be two 2 by 4s or a 4 by 4
  • The top plate may be single, provided rafters occur over studs and the plate at corners is lapped to provide tie
  • Rafter framing may be 2 by 6 at 24 inches on center
  • Cross tie shall be 2 by 6 at 48 inches on center
  • Ridge board shall be 2 by 8
  • Wind bracing of all four corners is required if the siding is to be applied directly to the face of the wall studs
    • If the wall sheathing is applied to the wall studs with 1/2-inch plywood or 1/2-inch OSB sheathing 4.0-foot wide from each corner, then the wind bracing requirement is not required
  • Roof sheathing shall be a minimum 1/2-inch CDX plywood or 1/2-inch oriented strand board
  • Service entry door opening header and window opening are not required to be crippled
  • Garage door header shall be three 2 by 12s or two 2 by 12s with a 1/2-inch flitch plate bolted together; a structurally engineering header is allowed if properly sized
Zoning Requirements
A detached garage shall be set back a minimum of five feet from the rear and side lot lines. In no case can a garage be placed in an easement.

A detached garage shall maintain a 10-foot fire separation from all other structures on that zoning lot. If an undue hardship exists, special construction alternatives can be applied to give relief from this requirement.